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TheCoin.pw PetroDollar (XPD) Sha256d Mining Pool!

PetroDollarWelcome and thank you for visiting. TheCoin.pw is a trusted mining pool provider for various cryptocurrencies all of which contain non mandatory pool fees and payout using the proportional payout method. Each TheCoin.pw mining pool provides members with a selection of multiple difficulty options (including a variable difficulty option) and enforce automatic payouts (each day at 00:00 UTC or when a members confirmed balance exceeds the set maximum threshold).

TheCoin.pw solely rely on member donations/advertising rewards to assist with ongoing costs related to the operation of all mining pools, please consider donating. We hope you enjoy this mining pool!

Pool Details
Coin Algorithm Sha256d
Payout System Proportional Payout
Pool Fee 0%
Donations Non-mandatory, selectable percentage between 0% - 100% (Default 2%)
Payout Options Automatic/Manual
Automatic Payout Frequency Processed daily at 00:00 UTC / or when a members confirmed balance exceed the mining pools threshold
Manual Payout Frequency Processed every 5 minutes
Automatic Withdrawal Fee 0.1 XPD
Manual Withdrawal Fee 0.01 XPD
Automatic Difficulty Options Automatic/Variable (1 - 1048576) Starts at difficulty 512 then automatically retargets
Manual Difficulty Options 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072, 262144, 524288, 1048576
Notable Pool Features Solid State Infrastructure, Stratum Support, DDoS Protection
Stratum Connection Details
Mining Difficulty Stratum Connection String
Automatic (Variable) stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3700
8 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3701
16 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3702
32 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3703
64 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3704
128 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3705
256 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3706
512 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3707
1024 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3708
2048 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3709
4096 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3710
8192 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3711
16384 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3712
32768 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3713
65536 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3714
131072 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3715
262144 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3716
524288 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3717
1048576 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3718

Latest News

TheCoin.pw are trialling a new PetroDollar mining pool, if enough interest is obtained we will consider retaining this mining pool.

The pool will remain active unless this mining pool falls idle and no blocks are located in over 60 days.